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    R & D Bi – Layer Tablet Press – Pilot 200 – DL

    Bi – Layer Tablet Press (GMP) (Pilot 200)

    Tablet Press – PILOT 200 DL is a High Tech Double Layer & Monolayer Rotary Tablet Press is essential for R & D and small batch production. This Single sided R & D Double Layer Tablet Press fully conforms to GMP and the safety requirements, featuring versatility with a quick change of tooling. For the suitable adjustment during double-layer tablet development, fully independent weight, height and hardness system are used for both the first and second layer. The Turret is driven centrally by a motor and reduction gearbox. The turret speed is adjusted by A.C. Frequency drive. It’s available in Regular Model D’ Tooling or B’ Tooling Multi Tooling – D+B & DB



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